Patty Peixoto
Carol Leite
Bia Paesleme
Duda Taborda
Marcela Diniz
Nick Dutra
Raquel Loja
Michelle Moraes
Beach Couple
Karen and João
Leticia Vieira
Sony Alpha 99 com Lentes Mamiya 80mm 2.8 e 150mm 2.8
Rainha Elisabeth
Com Isabela carvalho
Karen Sussmann
Studio Portrait
With Thafnnys, Rio de Janeiro.
Luiza Mairovitch
Ensaio Fotográfico em Ipanema
Cristiane Heinrichs
Sony a99 camera with Mamiya lenses
Patrícia Senna
Underwater with the Fitness Model/Athlete, Patrícia Senna
Giovanna Leone
Using Minolta Lenses. 50mm 1.7 and 20mm 2.8
Prainha. Modelo : Lele
Juliana Damico
Juliana Damico is an athlete from Brazilian Synchro National Team. @jubsdamico. Assistance and modeling : Thafnnys Mylka
Eleonora Kamp
Ipanema and Eleonora Kamp
She IS Carioca
A Winter day in Rio, with Isabela Carvalho
Underwater Photography with the model : Thafnnys Mylka. INSTAGRAM : andrejoaquim_prints
Veridiana Bressane
Mamiya 645 lenses with digital Sony sensors. 150mm 2.8, 80mm 2.8, 55mm 2.8.
Isabela Carvalho
Mamiya 645 lenses on a Sony A-mount camera. Lenses : 150mm 2.8; 80mm 2.8; 55mm 2.8. Model : Isabela Carvalho, @isabelasc. Rio Botanic Gardem. Images are not available for commercial use.
Elana Zygielszyper
Stylish : Ana Luisa Villela Production : Guilherme Correa
Ana, Ira and the SUP
Russians doing stand up paddle (SUP) in Rio !!
The Beauty and the ball
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